Specializing in Exceptional Parti Standard Poodles

Excellent Companions
AKC Standard Poodles make wonderful companions. Well-natured, gentle and great with children, they enjoy the socialization of family life. Highly intelligent, Standard Poodles are one of the most trainable breeds – and are known to be the easiest dog to house train.

One of the big benefits of Standard Poodles is that they’re a non-shedding dog. So you can enjoy your dog’s company on your sofa or on your bed, without your furniture and linens getting covered in fur.

Both Solid and Parti Colored
Parti Poodles are rare and attractive, and are characterized by their unique individual markings. JMS Standard Poodles breeds both solid and parti colored dogs. Our Standard Poodles are members of our family, living in our home. They are all genetically tested and chosen for their health, confirmation, and temperament.

​~Proudly breeding our 5th generation of Parti Standard Poodles
~Puppies are born and raised in a loving family environment in our home
 -Parents are thoroughly health tested: AKC CHIC certified
 -Puppies are sold with limited AKC (spay/neuter contract, no exceptions)
​ -Puppies are sold with a one year health guarantee